How to use the CTR Calculator

Here's what goes into the formula:
  • Total Clicks: the total number of clicks your advertisement received
  • Total Impressions: the total number of people who viewed your advertisement
Simple Click-Through Rate Calculator
Here are some things you should know:

Knowing your click-through rate or CTR for short is really important! It does not matter if you are running ads or not. It's important to know your CTR even if you deal with content marketing

When should you start looking at your CTR? You should start focusing on CTR when your ads or other content has received at least 1,000 impressions.

Measuring CTR with a very small set of data defeats the purpose and will no yield any meaningful and accurate information.

If you have a low CTR, then don't be bummed about it. Marketing is much like running a marathon. You have to practice and be patient. You will see results if you stay consistent.

How to calculate CTR?

Good question! Since click-through rate is measured in precentages you have to be familar with calculating precentages. But don't worry, the forumla is really simple.

The formula for calculating click-through rate is:

(Total clicks received * 100)/Total impressions received

That's it! We multiply the total number of clicks received by 100 and then divide the number by the total number of unique impressions you received. That will give you the exact CTR precentage.

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